The San Sebastian International Film Festival


With this crazy apartment search was going on, I had little time to write about one of the best things I’ve experienced so far – the San Sebastian International Film Festival.

I’ve been waiting for this for a long time – I even booked my plane tickets so that I could arrive right before the 10-day festival started.

Tickets went on sale on the 13th and I picked up as many tickets as I could.  They were divided into various categories, including Made in Spain, Horizontes Latinos (Latino Films), Documentaries, and the jury’s pick.

After a year in a pueblo without a movie theater, I was in HEAVEN!  San Sebastian has so many theaters, it has been the site of one of the most prestigious film festivals in the world for 58 years.  We spent a week skipping from movie to movie, making our own observations, only stopping to have a few pintxos and beers before going back again.

In the end, I saw a number of flicks from Europe, South America, and a few from back home as well.

The next post will have my comments on what I saw.

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