Searching for Scotland: Vagabrothers Release 4-Part Series on Scotland

This winter, the Vagabrothers traveled through Scotland as the country found itself at a historical turning point – after 300 years of being part of the United Kingdom, Scotland is now faced with a referendum on independence.  Within this context, the Vagabrothers set off to travel from Glasgow up to the Highlands and Islands to figure out what it means to be a Scot – and have quite the adventure in the process.

The four part series can be found below.

Part One: Why Independence?  (Glasgow & Stirling)

Part Two: Great Balls of Fire (Hogmanay in St. Andrews & Stonehaven)

Part Three: Hitchin’ the Highlands (Aberdeenshire to Inverness)

Part Four: The Secrets of the Isles (Outer Hebrides)


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