Germany Doubles its Michelin Stars in Two Years

Germany has doubled its number of Michelin Stars in the last few years. Find out why Germany cuisine is about more that bratwurst and sauerkraut at

Salvador Dalí Retrospective Wows Parisians

The biggest Dalí exhibition in thirty years hits the Pompidou Center of Paris with a big bang. Read more at

Travel News: Guggenheim to End Art Partnership in Berlin

The Guggenheim foundation has announced it will be closing the doors on its museum in Berlin.   Read more at

Travel News: Milan’s Cathedral Puts Gargolyes up for Adoption

Milan’s cathedral has announced its putting its gargoyles up for adoption in an effort to raise money for restoration. Read more at

Travel News: Wall of Love to Come Down at Juliet’s Balcony

Local authorities in Verona announce a new law – Romeos are no longer allowed to post love letters under Juliet’s balcony.     Read more at

Travel News: Thief Makes Off with Keys of Tower of London

A thief broke into the Tower of London on Guy Fawkes’ day and stole the keys. Read about what happened at

Travel News: High-Speed Train to Cut Berlin-Munich Trip by 30%

Berlin and Munich announce that travel between their two cities will be reduced from six to four hours, thanks to the planned super-fast trains. Read more on

Travel News: Tourists Can Still Smoke Weed in Amsterdam

Don’t snuff out that doobie just yet – Dutch lawmakers have announced they will NOT ban tourists from smoking pot in the Dutch capitol. Read more at

Travel News: London to Extend Free WiFi on Underground

The city of London is extending free WiFi services until the end of the year. To learn how to login, see

Travel News: Ireland to Lure Cruisers

Ireland is positioning itself to be a new port of call on European Cruises.   Read more at