Vagabrothers Enter into My’s Biggest, Baddest, Bucket List Competition

HELP NEEDED!!! My brother and I just entered a contest to win $50,000 and a 6-month trip around the world. We made a 3 minute video about our favorite city – Donostia-San Sebastian!!! BUT to WIN we need your HELP – Go to the link below and vote for us to win! Please SHARE this … Continue reading

Deja Vu: Buses & Hitchhiking Across Aragon

This morning I decided to leave Barcelona and head north to visit my good friend Griffin in the Basque Country. I felt listless in Barcelona. It had been over two weeks since I’d stepped off the ship, and I’d been bouncing around Italy and Spain ever since. In Barcelona I’d been in a 6-bed dorm … Continue reading

Sketch from Barcelona

Crises bring out both the best and the worst in people. Two days ago I was robbed here in Barcelona – an example of crisis bringing out crime. But the following day I witnessed a bizarre scene in a local bookshop as I was interviewing the clerk, something that inspired hope. The Clerk and I … Continue reading

Mission Statement

This was originally conceived as a travel website, but things have changed in the last week. I’m primarily a travel writer, but politics has always been my passion.  I’ve spent the last few years traveling the world and writing about the important social issues I’ve seen, and until just a few days ago I was … Continue reading

How to Cross a Continent

Few people travel across entire continents these days.  It’s a shame.  Cheap airfares allow time-pressed travelers  to skip across our earth without ever seeing what lies between Point A and B.  But you’re different – you want to experience a continent in its entirety, to gain an intimate understanding of the land and her peoples. … Continue reading