Review: The Basque History of the World

I am back in the Basque Country, my favorite home away from home. It is a land that I have come to love dearly after living here for a year and coming back to visit as regularly as I can. The Basque Country fascinates me. Growing up in America, I had the perception that the … Continue reading

Book Review: The Sack of Rome by Alexander Stille

Too few Americans know who Silvio Berlusconi is, let alone why this man is one of the most notorious public figures in Europe. The former Prime Minister of Italy has become a symbol of the shortcomings of Italian politics, the physical embodiment of corruption, the political power of the Mafia, manipulation of the media, and … Continue reading

Review: “Exit Through The Gift Shop” @ San Sebastian Film Fest 2010

Exit Through the Gift Shop Country of Origin: USA Director: Banksy Starring: Banksy, Shepard_Fairey, Space Invader, Thierry Guetta (aka Mr. Brainwash) [Warning: Spoiler ahead] My favorite film by far.   This movie is as mysterious as it’s director, the world’s most notorious anoynmous vandal – Banksy.  It’s hard to comment this film – no one knows … Continue reading

Review: “Chicogrande” @ San Sebastian Film Fest 2010

Chicogrande Country of Origin: México Written and directed by Felipe Cazals This movie had so much promise. The premise of the movie intrigued me –the US Cavalry’s search for Pancho Villa through the border regions of Mexico.  After Villa strikes Americans in New Mexico, the Cavalry set’s out on one of its last missions – … Continue reading

Review: “The Oath” @ San Sebastian Film Fest 2010

The Oath Country of Origin: USA Directed by: Laura Poitras Any trip to a European film festival would be incomplete without the mandatory anti-Bush documentary, and I was lucky to discover that The Oath took up that charge even two years since W. went back to Texas. But The Oath was not what I expected … Continue reading

Review: “A Tiro de Piedra” @ San Sebastian Film Fest 2010

A Tiro de Piedra Country of Origin: México Written and directed by Sebastián Hiriart Perhaps this one was such a let-down simply because of my expectations.  The synopsis made it sound great – a Mexican shepherd finds a key on the ground and takes it as a sign to embark on the adventure of his … Continue reading

Review: “Buried” @ San Sebastian Film Fest 2010

I saw some great movies and some rather horrible ones.  Let’s start with the bad ones. Buried Country of Origin: Spain Director: Rodrigo Cortés Starring: Ryan Reynolds This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen in my life. It was produced and directed by in Spain, starred American actor Ryan Reynolds, and … Continue reading

6 Books to Help you Start Your Journey

Ever dream of traveling the world?   College tells us plenty about how to get a job after graduation, but very little about alternative lifestyle choices. When I decided to pursue my dreams of traveling and working around the world, I got almost no help from the traditional sources of advice.  Parents, teachers, and career counselors … Continue reading