The Anarchist Bookshop of Barcelona

There is a little anarchist bookshop in the Raval neighborhood of Barcelona, just off Las Ramblas. It is an anachronism of a bygone era. It sits beneath towering tenement houses on a road so narrow that the laundry drying from the fifth story balconies almost totally blocks the sun. I felt like I was wandering … Continue reading

Basque Country App Now Available on Android

Love the Basque Country but not keen to jump on the i-Phone bandwagon? Fret not.  The Basque Country: Cuisine & Culture, the interactive gastro-guide I developed with SutroMedia, is finally available on Android. All the same features, even more compatibility. Check it out here.  

How to Sail Around the World on a Yacht

Vagabrother Mark travels to the Spanish island of Mallorca in pursuit of a life-long dream – sailing around the world.

Check out the video to see if he can turn his dream into reality and to learn how you can do the same.

Expat Guide to the Basque Country:

Originally published here at The Basque Country is one of Spain’s most distinctive regions. Tucked between the green Pyrenees and the rugged Atlantic coast, this is the homeland of the Basques, one of the oldest cultures in Europe and speakers of a language related to no other on Earth. These ancient roots have evolved … Continue reading

Vitoria-Gasteiz: The Cindarella Story of the Basque Country

Proud by nature, many Basques I met in the large coastal cities of Bilbao and San Sebastian had few compliments for the region’s landlocked capital, Vitoria-Gasteiz. “It’s quaint.” one local friend said. “It’s really old.” “It’s the Green Capital of Europe for 2012.” shrugged another. “It’s the most liveable city in Spain.” I nodded my … Continue reading

Donostia Dive Bars – Night Life in San Sebastián, Spain

Originally Published on MatadorNights San Sebastian, Spain is an elegant city. These places are not. This guide will show you a grittier side of Spain’s most elegant seaside city that most tourists don’t see. San Sebastian (called Donostia in Basque) is at once very touristy and extremely local. Foreigners and donostiarras tend to run in … Continue reading

Review: “Exit Through The Gift Shop” @ San Sebastian Film Fest 2010

Exit Through the Gift Shop Country of Origin: USA Director: Banksy Starring: Banksy, Shepard_Fairey, Space Invader, Thierry Guetta (aka Mr. Brainwash) [Warning: Spoiler ahead] My favorite film by far.   This movie is as mysterious as it’s director, the world’s most notorious anoynmous vandal – Banksy.  It’s hard to comment this film – no one knows … Continue reading

Review: “Chicogrande” @ San Sebastian Film Fest 2010

Chicogrande Country of Origin: México Written and directed by Felipe Cazals This movie had so much promise. The premise of the movie intrigued me –the US Cavalry’s search for Pancho Villa through the border regions of Mexico.  After Villa strikes Americans in New Mexico, the Cavalry set’s out on one of its last missions – … Continue reading

Review: “Celda 211” @ San Sebastian Film Festival

Celda 211 Country of Origin: Spain Directed by: Daniel Monzón Starring: Luis Tosar, Alberto Ammann This excellent movie comes right behind Exit Through the Gift Shop for my second favorite of the week. By no means my own discovery, Celda 211 (Cell 211) was one of the most popular Spanish movies of 2010, and a recipient … Continue reading

Review: “The Oath” @ San Sebastian Film Fest 2010

The Oath Country of Origin: USA Directed by: Laura Poitras Any trip to a European film festival would be incomplete without the mandatory anti-Bush documentary, and I was lucky to discover that The Oath took up that charge even two years since W. went back to Texas. But The Oath was not what I expected … Continue reading