Carinval en Cádiz (Pt 2.)

We’d lost our rum for the second time in two hours, plus most of El Luchador’s clothes. But there’s no looking back – it’s time for a pow-wow. I pull El Luchador away from another photo-shoot and huddle our group together. “Ok, boys,” I ask, “what do we want to do?” “Um…have fun…” “Talk to … Continue reading

Carnival en Cádiz (Pt. 1)

I feel drastically unprepared for this. It’s 9:30 Saturday night and I’m drinking a calimocho in front of the station and watching the trains whisk thousands of people around the bay to Cádiz. I should have taken a siesta this afternoon. My costume is decent. I am dressed in loose pants and a shirt covered … Continue reading