Carinval en Cádiz (Pt 2.)

We’d lost our rum for the second time in two hours, plus most of El Luchador’s clothes. But there’s no looking back – it’s time for a pow-wow. I pull El Luchador away from another photo-shoot and huddle our group together. “Ok, boys,” I ask, “what do we want to do?” “Um…have fun…” “Talk to … Continue reading

On The Road Again (Arévalo & Ávila, Spain)

I quickly discovered that the best thing about Arévalo is its proximity to other places.  Its central location was the source of its prosperity five hundred years ago and the key to maintaining my sanity today. For the rest of 2009 I traveled almost constantly.  I finished class on Thursday at 12:20 and by 2:00 … Continue reading

Mensaje de: Vodafone (Arévalo, Spain)

Before we travel anywhere else, I want to take you back to the first few weeks I spent in Arévalo and retrace my steps to where I am today. The old section of Arévalo may revolve around the main church, but the new part of town is centered around the bus station.  Arévalo is a … Continue reading