A Rude Awakening (Mui Ne-> Nha Trang, Vietnam)

Day Two on the Road was a rude awakening.  Zeus lifted his aegis of protection and exposed me to the elements of nature and the elements of motorcycle mechanics.  Ahh, but the day started off in such a pleasant manner… I awoke early the next morning feeling rested and ready to tackle the second leg … Continue reading

Motorcycle Diaries, Day One (HCHM -> Mui Ne, Vietnam)

Three Challenges – Challenge One – Challenge Two – Challenge Three I know what you are thinking.  Motorcycle Diaries? You mean like Che Guevara?  Haha, yes, cliché isn’t it?  Or should I say, cli-Ché?  (This cheesy joke is hereby patented by Mark Ayling). Well, if Che Guevara had ridden across South America on this Russian-made … Continue reading