Into Jokhur Temple (Lhasa, Tibet)

Dawn in Lhasa is magical.  From midnight to 7:30 AM silence sweeps across the growing city.  The bars power down, the taxis stop honking, cars are parked, the streets empty of pedestrians, and the city sleeps. Lhasa is surrounded by high, protective mountains and the rising sun’s beams are blocked so that daylight creeps slowly … Continue reading

Pilgrim for a Day (Kyaiktiyo, Burma)

Wake up, pseudo-pilgrim – the agonizing bus ride – how can monks take shortcuts? – The golden rock I woke up in Kyaiktiyo to the sound of Buddhist prayers streaming through my open window.  The air was smoky from villagers burning trash and farmers practicing slash-and-burn agriculture.   I was in Kyaiktiyo, the destination of thousands … Continue reading