Top 10 Things to do in Madrid on a Backpacker’s Budget

Originally published on Whether you’re just making a pit-stop on a EuroRail marathon tour or spending a year at one of Madrid’s universities, OTP will help you cut past the crowds and get straight into the heart of Spain’s vibrant capital, without busting a hole in your wallet. Ready to start? Here’s a list … Continue reading

Mensaje de: Vodafone (Arévalo, Spain)

Before we travel anywhere else, I want to take you back to the first few weeks I spent in Arévalo and retrace my steps to where I am today. The old section of Arévalo may revolve around the main church, but the new part of town is centered around the bus station.  Arévalo is a … Continue reading

Paseo Through Arévalo

Each day before sunset the people of Spain traditionally leave their homes and take a leisurely stroll called a paseo.  I take my paseo at five in the afternoon and join the rest of the pueblo in their daily walk through our village, Arévalo.  I descend the steps of apartment to the street below and … Continue reading