Germany Doubles its Michelin Stars in Two Years

Germany has doubled its number of Michelin Stars in the last few years. Find out why Germany cuisine is about more that bratwurst and sauerkraut at

Travel News: Milan’s Cathedral Puts Gargolyes up for Adoption

Milan’s cathedral has announced its putting its gargoyles up for adoption in an effort to raise money for restoration. Read more at

Travel News: Wall of Love to Come Down at Juliet’s Balcony

Local authorities in Verona announce a new law – Romeos are no longer allowed to post love letters under Juliet’s balcony.     Read more at

Travel News: Costa Brava’s Natural Beauty Restored

A huge swath of Spain’s Costa Brava has been restored to it’s natural beauty. To learn more about how to enjoy the Catalan coast, see

Travel News: Britons Have Dirtiest Hands in Europe, Reports Study

Fecal matter is present on 26% of British hands, reports a new study. Learn how to dodge the poo at

Travel News: French Government Ups Security After Attacks on Jewish Community

Photo by Francisco Osorio CC

The French government has vowed to protect the nation’s Jewish community after a wave of anti-semetic violence and agitation by Islamists.     Read more at 

Travel News: Rome Tourists Face 500€ Fine for Snacking

Photo by Camille King, CC BY-SA 2.0

Roman authorities are enforcing a 500€ fine for people eating a Gelato on the Spanish steps. When in Rome, should you do as the Romans do? Read more on Travora.