Would You Like to Eat Some Beetles? (Savannaket, Laos)

Punk Rock Kids in Laos – Buses and Beetles – Savannaket – Fury from Olympus The gray buildings of Vientiane disappeared and the bus descended from the mountains of the north into the wide, green plains of southern Laos.  We followed the Mekong south past small villages and farms.  Water buffaloes bathed nearby in pools … Continue reading

Captured by Calypso (Southern Adaman Coast, Thailand)

For a week I did absolutely nothing. From Ko Phi Phi we sailed south first to Ko Lanta and then to Ko Tarutao Marine Park on the southern border with Malaysia. Empty beaches, superb views, and no people. I swung on a hammock, I ran on the beach, and I worked on my tan. There … Continue reading