Captured by Calypso (Southern Adaman Coast, Thailand)

For a week I did absolutely nothing.

From Ko Phi Phi we sailed south first to Ko Lanta and then to Ko Tarutao Marine Park on the southern border with Malaysia.

Empty beaches, superb views, and no people. I swung on a hammock, I ran on the beach, and I worked on my tan. There was nothing to do but relax, so relax I did.

But such bliss could not last forever. This was a temporary reprise from the hectic party islands of the past few weeks, but after a few days I started to yearn for more. I had been in Thailand for over two weeks, and I had barely seen any Thai culture.

I was disoriented.

I had allowed the sunshine to bleach my brain and the natural beauty of the beaches distracted me from my goal: Head north across Asia and make it to Beijing.

On my own personal Odyssey, I was trapped on Calypso’s island, distracted, disoriented and listlessly drifting from island to island.

But Zeus sent Hermes down to my hammock to give me a much-needed kick in the rear – Get off this island and get moving! You’ve got the world to see yet!

Thanks for the message Hermes. Ask Poseidon to ensure me safe passage back to terra firma.

Time to go.

Fishingboat, speedboat, minivan, passenger train, taxi cab.

24 hours later I was walking down the infamous Khao San Road in Bangkok, Thailand.

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